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Q:        What is landscaping?

A:        Artistic garden design and structural landscape engineering are just a
couple of fancy phrases used to describe landscaping. However, to explain
the process simply, a landscape designer will create a design for your garden. 
The designer will take into account things like climate, soils, plants, colour,
environmental issues and drainage.  After the completion of the design stage
the landscaper will then build and construct your garden.  The whole process
involves modifying the features of your landscape, therefore improving the
natural beauty of your garden.

Q:        What is meant by the terms soft landscaping and hard landscaping?

A:        Hard landscaping refers to all the concreting, paving, drainage,
garden ponds, waterfalls, retaining walls and any other hard surface that is
built into your garden structure, it is usually more costly than soft landscaping.
Soft landscaping on the other hand refers to plants, planting, mulching,
seeding and laying turf, soil improvements and anything that is of
organic origin.

Q:        Is there such a thing as a low maintenance garden?

A:        Yes there is, low maintenance gardens can be created by using a
mulch to reduce the amount of weeds that grow, mulching also helps the
ground to retain moisture and adds nutrients to the soil.  Irrigation systems
can be put in place for ease of watering and using plants that need less
water to survive is always helpful.  Of course installing paving is a great way
to reduce the amount of lawn you have to mow.