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Q:        Should I fertilize my lawn regularly?

A:        Yes you should, if you want a lush green lawn all year round it is recommended you should fertilise every three months. However with the
different types of turf available it is probably a good idea to ask your
landscaper when your particular turf should be fertilised and what type of fertilizers should be used.

Q:        Is it necessary to prune?

A:        Pruning your plants will keep them looking great while growing
fast and healthy.  Pruning is the process of cutting dead leaves or
branches and other unwanted growths away from the plant.  Plants
are generally pruned in the season when they are most dormant and
for most plants this is the autumn and winter season.  Incorrect pruning
can weaken or even physically damage your plants.  If you are unsure
of how to prune your plants then call DRH Landscaping garden and
maintenance services to help you out.